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Stock Analyses:

Read a list of detailed stock analyses published by Nurseb911

Russel Metals
IGM Financial (4 Part Series)
Bank of Nova Scotia
Tibco Software
Thomson-Reuters (II)
Johnson & Johnson
Manulife Financial


Here are what some authors, readers and investors have to say…

Taking Stock in MFC (Manulife Financial):

Dividend Growth Investor,
“Brad, this was a killer analysis.” — November 6th, 2008

Jae Jun author of Old School Value,
“What an excellent analysis!” — November 6th, 2008

Taking Stock in Coca-Cola (KO):

Independent DIY Investor Scomac on the full stock analysis,

“In my opinion this is a very professional presentation which is far superior to the typical sell-side analysis that one sees on discount brokerage web sites. What is most impressive to me is the depth of the business analysis rather than spending a huge amount of effort on projections and value estimates that are rarely accurate. It is easier in my mind to make an accurate case for ownership based on business analysis rather than some sort of numeric justification. Past history should teach us that efforts to predict investment performance based solely on numeric analysis is mediocre at best.” — January 3rd, 2009

Canadian Dream: Free at 45 on the full stock analysis,

“Now generally speaking I think most stock analysis available on the web is garbage. It’s always too short and too little detail to help anyone make a decent decision (of course there are some exceptions). So out of curiosity to see a more full blown analysis I agreed to do this review. I have to admit I was somewhat surprised on the amount of detail research Brad did to come up with the report. The full report is 14 pages long and has a very in depth discussion of Coke’s business model, their management and a valuation (including a spreadsheet of past performance data).” (Read More) — January 21st, 2009

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