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About Me:

Welcome to Triage Investing Blog,
My name is Brad Ferris; I am the author and President of Triage Capital Management Incorporated which owns and operates this site.

This blog was created in May of 2007 as a method of documenting my investing activities, stock analysis techniques, market perspectives, investing discipline and Value Rules on value, dividend growth and healthcare investments.

I first began investing at the early age of fifteen starting with Canadian Savings Bonds followed by GIC’s and mutual funds with an eventual move to individual equities. I began my DIY journey in 2000-2004 with a series of investments in deep value and healthcare stocks. I currently invest in a mix of value, dividend growth and healthcare investments.  Additionally I advise a select group of long-term clients on their investments and portfolios.

My investing discipline is guided by a set of Value Rules and lessons learnt on a teaching I term as “Enduring Value.” I have extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry in pharmaceutical and medical device/supply companies and incorporate those insights into my portfolios when possible.

I’m 35, married, a resident of London, Ontario, Canada and after completing my education in Business Administration Marketing I chose a career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse.

I operate Triage Capital Management Incorporated when away from my nursing responsibilities where I offer consulting services to individual/institutional investors and small business owners where I supply educational tools on investor education and business fundamentals drawn from my education, Value RulesTM, research and global experiences.

I believe that, “the best investment decisions are made when an individual considers their risk tolerance and are adequately informed.”

This site provides information on a number of topics that I hope will benefit new and experienced investors. Feel free to explore the site or contact me with any questions.

Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you return soon.

Brad Ferris

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