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That’s why you’re here right? You started a search on Google, found your way to this blog (and others), you’ve read a few of the articles (but there are so many!) Yep. You’re officially overwhelmed. Not sure where to start or where to begin. You may have been with a professional advisor for years, dabbled [...]


Suncor Energy – Safe Blue Chip or Hazardous Entry?

Earlier this morning I was sitting down updating my spreadsheets and watchlists (something I do roughly 2 to 3 times per month) and I came across an article on The Motley Fool (www.fool.ca).  At first I laughed a little at the article, but as I got closer to the end I became quite concerned at [...]

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Investing 2015: Oil Strategy & Tips

Talk about some serious Volatility.... I've been away from the blog again the past few months.  I've been spending most of that time with new and existing investing clients, and also considering a change in my career path while looking for some new opportunities. This had led me to pay a little more attention to the macroeconomic [...]


Selling Stocks

With respect to capital gains you never make money until you sell out of a position. You might be up 15%, 50% or 200% but the gains aren’t real until you hit the sell button and crystallize the money you've made into real tangible gains When to properly sell your investments is the first lesson [...]


Introducing My Investing Assistant; Dividends

I’m a busy person. I have my family, my career, personal interests that take up a few hours here and there. Then I have to eat, sleep, shower, shave, exercise, travel to and from places. There are times I wish I had a personal assistant to help complete certain tasks so I can continue to [...]


Your New Years Portfolio Review

All over social media friends, family and colleagues are posting their resolutions for 2014. Some concentrate on living a healthier lifestyle, spending more time with those they care about or stating an ambitious goal they would like to pursue. The early part of any year, for myself, is dominated by personal finances and my portfolios. [...]


Mail Bag: Investment Advisor or D-I-Y Investor?

Reader Karin writes, “We have an investment advisor, who seems to have several advantages over us: more access to products and bonds than on our discount broker, more time to manage and research good investments & staff to support. But it costs a lot. We have tried investing on our own before, but got totally [...]


Designing a Dividend Portfolio

Over the years I’ve continued to take on the occasional client in my consulting business; helping a few small businesses, individual investors and the odd institutional investor. Over the past 16 months I’ve been working with a couple whose intentions have been to build their own dividend growth portfolio for retirement after being with various [...]


House, Cottage or Investments?

Reader Kristin asks, "I'm just wanting to pick your brain for a second. I am a recent university grad, my husband and I bring home about $100,000 a year, we don’t have very much debt, he had two credit cards each with small balances, although out credit could be a little better. We would like [...]

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Dividend Portfolio – Design & Diversification

Prior to working fulltime as a Registered Nurse I did a fair amount of consulting (while I was attending university) for small businesses, individual investors and the odd institutional investor. Recently I’ve been working with a client who wants to build their own dividend growth portfolio for retirement. Portfolio Construction is one of the most [...]