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The 5% Rule:

Reports, forecasts, target prices, analysis from analysts, upgrades and downgrades. Investors today are overwhelmed with information they can access at a speed we never could before. Logging into the updated version of WebBroker (TD) alone has me asking, “Why all the fluff?” I’ve always been a concentrated specialist when it comes to researching my investments [...]


Bringing Home the Bacon – Maple Leaf Foods (MFI)

This post was delivered to readers of The Stock Analysis Waiting List on August 25, 2016. Join if you would like to receive early releases of posts such as this here. My investing approach is fairly simple; I want to buy good companies, with great products, that have solid leadership, margins that matter, increasing profitability and [...]


Mail Bag: Pacific Insight Electronics (PIH) & Apple (AAPL)

Marsha writes, “I follow commentary by a few money managers like Bruce Campbell, Paul Harris and Michael Irwin trying to pick up tips on value stocks to buy. What are your thoughts on Pacific Insight and Apple?  Are they good value stocks or should I be looking elsewhere?” First thanks for the questions! For disclosure [...]


30% Today Versus 50% Tomorrow:

By far the most common question I’ve ever been asked is when to sell a stock. Readers, friends or colleagues want to know a simple, straightforward and successful approach where they can earn money and continue to apply the rule for long-term success. This post outlines one of the major strategies I implement for selling [...]


Value & Growth – Joined at the Hip

In my recent post I discussed the importance of building your investing toolbox. For a long time I've followed a short list of investors, professional and retail, respecting their opinions and work. I read or listen to their perspectives and from time to time incorporate those lessons into my investments and approach.  One of my major mistakes [...]


Mail Bag – Market Timing, Frozen

As soon as a reader joins The Stock Analysis Mailing List one of the perks is being able to send me a note about what you’re struggling with (investing) and I will either reply directly or write a post about that topic for the reader. Here is the struggle a recent member emailed me, Hi [...]


Building Your Investment Toolbox

Jae Jun, a long-time blog colleague of mine, wrote a great article in July I’ve been reading titled, The Warren Buffett Stock Strategy. I’ll let readers venture over for a read of their own but Jae expanded on the concept of a circle of competence in reference to the successes of Warren Buffett. As I’ve [...]


Finding Dividend All-Stars

Who hasn’t heard or read the statement, past performance is no guarantee of future gains? Securities regulators make investment professionals disclose this information (verbally or written) to ensure that individuals understand that there are no guarantees when investing. They hope this will prevent investors from chasing performance in funds or with brokers with a period [...]


Allocation of Capital is one of my core focuses for my portfolio and any portfolio I advise on. For all the credit that Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger receive for their investing success you will rarely hear credit given for their most important skill and accomplishment.  In order to achieve success an investor needs to [...]


Be Consistent Yet Never Comfortable

A big thanks goes out to Larry MacDonald for the opportunity to update my Me And My Money article from back in 2009 with an updated version found in the Globe&Mail this week; This investor blends Warren Buffett’s approach with dividend investing If you've never found this blog before and you're an investor you'll find [...]