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Never Compete on Price
One of my Value Rules that revolves around the fundamental belief that a company should never discount prices to be competitive, gain market share or increase sales.

The Foster Effect
A description of the dangers that new investors face after reading new books written by Derek Foster.

Wrap Accounts & Mutual Funds
A discussion on the pros/cons of investing in managed accounts or wrap mutual funds

The Art of Discipline
Discusses my views on the discipline needed for investing and how to better identify risk, remain patient and evaluate behaviour.

Rule of 72
The importance for investors realizing the power of compound interest on returns

The Situational Analysis
My fundamental process of evaluating an investment from a qualitative perspective

Attracting a $1 Customer
A focus on how a business turns customers into clients and how to maximize their worth

If it don’t make dollars, it won’t make ¢ents
One of the founding teachings and some history on my long-time mentor

The Bond Guide – Investment Guide to Corporate Bonds
A detailed guide for evaluating corporate bonds as an investment with authoritative sources and a discussion of risk

The 5% Rule
A Value Rule that focuses on a managers ability to accurately forecast revenues, expenses and profits within a specific range and the importance of consistency.


Taking Stock in IGM (Part I, II, III & IV):
An insight and beginners guide to my stock analysis process examining both qualitative and quantitative information, organization and determining a valuation for securities.

Cashflow is King: 
Discussion of the importance to companies and individuals on cashflow with a focus in the latter on the benefits of dividends

Confessions of a Value Investor (Part I & II):
A series of posts where I confess my mistakes when investing and what I’ve learnt from those experiences.

The Importance of Brands (Part I, II & III):
A series that highlights the level of importance brands play in a business’ success and what I look for when I invest using this Value Rule.

Building an Investment Portfolio (Part I, II, III, & IV):
A fundamental process that I believe each new investor should complete before investing or before finding a financial advisor


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