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Month-End, September 2008:

Bye Bye September

It was an ugly end to the month and third quarter today with the TSX Composite off 18.8% and S&P500 down 9.1% for September and I don’t even want to look at the results for the entire third quarter.

I managed to eek out a gain of 2.5% for the month in my Value Portfolio and a 4.8% loss in my Dividend Growth Portfolio. My RSP was up 5.4% but when I take out the currency appreciation and the 20%+ performance of Wells Fargo (WFC) the results were down on par with my Canadian dividend portfolio (DivG).

I’ve updated my portfolio information on the side sidebar with my Top 10 holdings for DivG as follows:

Today I re-initiated my positions in Sunlife Financial (SLF) and Thomson-Reuters (TRI) after selling both for a tax loss in August. I have Canadian National Railway (CNR) remaining on my list to complete my acquisition phase of this portfolio.

Other activity this month included initiating new positions in Fortis (FTS) & Atco Limited (ACO.X), adding to my holdings in Calloway REIT (CWT.UN) and re-initiating my position in Russel Metals (RUS).

Tune in next month when I publish two posts that give readers insight into my Dividend Growth Portfolio including each of my holdings, my rationale for the individual stocks and how I determined the construction of the portfolio.

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