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Canadian Housing and Financial Turbulence

Last week I posted a rant on the Canadian Housing Market in my post, Connecting the Dots – CMHC Housing Bubble.

Today I released a presentation to members of The Stock Analysis Mailing List that has been making rounds amongst my peers in the Canadian financial industry highlighting the current dangers the housing market poses to investors, financial institutions (Canadian Banks) and the Canadian economy.

The presentation touches on all the same points I’ve discussed over the past few years, as well as some disturbing graphs that demonstrate just how out of touch the Canadian real estate market is with reality.

I’m also working on an upcoming post titled, How Much Are Canadian Banks Securitizing Mortgages?, that could be an eye opener to many investors!

Readers of Triage Investing Blog can still gain access to the presentation by signing up to The Stock Analysis Mailing List by Monday February 20th.  The original message sent to members  today will be sent to your email address within 48 hours of signing up.

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