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A Haunted House of Investing – 2008:

I thought it might be fun to pick a number of investing personalities and predict what they might be for Halloween this year. If bloggers or readers have any wacky ideas please feel free to comment and maybe we can play some picture magic together.

Warren Buffett has been a busy man, but he’s one of the only investors bullish on the US market. For this reason I feel that he’d be well suited up as the Lone Ranger this year.
Warren Buffett
Lone Ranger

Since Hank Paulson already convinced the US government to hand him $700B he might be inclinded to push his luck and ask for some more as Dr. Evil.

I’ll hold the world ransom for ONE HUNDRED million-billion dollars. Mua haha, MUA ha ha, MUA HA HA….
Dr. Evil

What kind of doctor would Paulson be though without his trusty sidekick Mini Me?
Neel Kashri
Mini Me

Richard Fuld (Lehman Brothers), Alan Schwartz (Bear Stearns) & Kerry Killinger (Washington Mutual) will be dressing up as The Three Amigos as they try to flee the US into Mexico with their millions of executive compensation bonuses for ruining their firms and billions of shareholder wealth.
Bad Bank Boys
Three Amigos

Manulife CEO Dominic D’Alessandro is certain to dress up as Scrooge McDuck as he plays in his Money Bin awaiting opportunities and acquisitions to add to his growing global insurance operations.
Money Bank

New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will be dressing up as Repo Man as he targets AIG after it’s frivolous spending right after securing a US government loan for luxury hunting trips and expensive retreats for management.
Andrew Cuomo
Repo Man

CIBC Economist Jeff Rubin wants to be The Genie from Disney’s Aladdin, but not to make his kids laugh. Rubin wants to work some magic in the hopes of sending world oil prices up to $200 as he eagerly predicted this year.
Jeff Rubin
Aladdin Genie

Jim Cramer will be looking to expand his entertainment arsenal with bigger sound, lights and special effects as The Wizard of Oz.
Wizard of Oz

Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain will be dressing up as The Magic Bullet. At least this way he can cut up his own luncheon meat and clean the mess up himself.
Michael McCain
Magic Bullet

BNN personality and NorthCoast Capital Managing Director Kevin O’Leary will be Captain Capitalism as he attempts to fight government intervention in the markets and seeks high yielding investments.
Kevin O'Leary
Captain Capitalism

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  • Jae Jun October 25, 2008, 10:56 pm

    hahaha we all need a good laugh in times like this. Paul cracked me up.

  • MG (moneygardener) October 26, 2008, 9:16 pm

    Very funny. I liked Paulson and Dr.Evil the best….

  • Kevin October 26, 2008, 10:13 pm

    Genius. Nice to have faces behind things…

  • Nurse B, 911 October 27, 2008, 10:42 am

    Thanks everyone. With all the doom & gloom I figured it would be a fun exercise.

    Jae & MG – The Paulson one was Claire's idea since one day she saw him on TV and made the comment that he looked like Dr. Evil. The rest just fit.

  • Anonymous November 3, 2008, 3:31 am

    Those were awesome. O’leary was my fav with Rubin a very close second.


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