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Value Insight:

Today TMWTFS celebrates its 100th post with a new category titled Value Insight.

I will use this category to feature short segments when I want to post and share views with readers on topics of interest I find such as news articles, spotlights on investor education or general insight into topics of interest.

I’ve never made it a secret in private conversations that for some time I’ve been a big fan of David Driscoll from Toron Investment Management. Their website offers investors some excellent opportunities for education on stocks, the markets, portfolio construction, investor psychology and investing habits. Also, if you’ve had the rare pleasure to watch David on BNN’s Market Call then you’ll likely appreciate his sensible and realistic approach to investing that is refreshing from the constant ranting of many of the talking heads who promote their firms interests or investing styles.

Toron is different in the fact that they place a great amount of emphasis on investor education and allowing their clients to be involved in this process. Any time that you encounter a company who sells financial services, has the confidence in their own processes and patience to enlighten their customers or the public is a rare find. This trait of Toron’s enhances their investing practices in my opinion.

Their Investment Insight section is an often visited link on my favourites with videos and segments from partners on a wide range of topics and they actively engage women in the investing process through activities such as their Women to Women Tea Series.

For new investors there is an excellent segment on their website titled Investor Education that you may find informative with invitations to their Night School educational sessions if you live in to Metro Toronto area.

David Driscoll’s most recent video (ignore the spelling mistake of his name) explains very accurately the importance of non-systematic risk and how to construct your portfolio to minimize this exposure.

This is not an endorsement to invest with T.I.M or David Driscoll. I have no direct interest in the company’s performance nor was I compensated for this post.
David Driscoll will be on BNN Market Call Wednesday April 23rd at 12:30 EST.
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