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The Question of Intellectual Capital:

The term “Intellectual Capital” can actually be defined multiple ways depending on which theory of investing, economics or management you subscribe to. For this series of postings, the term will instead focus on the question of:

“What percentage return per annum is your intellectual capital worth as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investor?”
I suggested a question earlier yesterday over on CB forums that:

…If you were to allocate a certain amount of worth to your individual investing knowledge, discipline, approach, experience and comprehension of investing….how much of your net worth would it work out to? The markets themselves are responsible for a certain return over a period of time, but even being humble – what are you yourself responsible for?….

It attracted the attention of Scomac who many of us know as a very experienced investor and poster on both Canadian Business Forums and Financial Webring. He suggested that we could each argue our two sides on my blog to gauge which side held more merit. The incentive for me was that I get a well established and respected investor to contribute something meaningful on my blog AND the hope that if I win the argument that he’ll reveal a little more of his individual approach to security selection and DCF (see his earlier posts).

In an attempt to even the playing field (since my disadvantage is clear & evident) he’s even allowed me to accumulate assistance from other investors – so my hope is that readers of the blog and members of the forum community will feel free in sharing their views for/against either of our arguments so that thoughts can be expanded, explored and new ideas contributed.

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