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The Dividend Investing and Value Network (DIV-NET)

It is with great pleasure that I, and the collective membership, announce the debut of The Dividend Investing and Value Network (DIV-Net). TMWTFS is proud to be an Associate Member of this new investing network focusing on dividend investing, value investing and a long-term buy-and-hold philosophy.

The authors of The DIV-Net want this new network to be the premier destination for readers interested in a variety of investing topics, stock analysis and perspectives that might otherwise be found fragmented across the web. The DIV-Net is a unique network providing exclusive, original and unpublished content daily from a growing network containing the best authors in the field. Seven Core Members are responsible for maintaining and administering The Div-Net site and The Div-Net network.

Our Core Members include:

The Dividend Guy
Dividend Growth Investor
The Moneygardener
Stock Market Prognosticator
The Div Guy
Disciplined Approach to Investing

Here at DIV-Net we believe strongly in the virtues of our dividend investing, value investing and long-term buy and hold philosophy and we’ll not limit DIV-Net to just seven Core Members. In our aim to include as many bloggers interested in our core focus we created an Associate Membership. Associate Members are eligible to submit original unpublished articles to The DIV-Net, access to use DIV-Net’s content on their site, participate in the aggregated feed and a site listing on The DIV-Net’s Associate page.

Our Associate Members include:

Living Off Dividends and Passive Income
Old School Value
The Dividend Investing Blog
Triaging My Way To Financial Success (me)
Dividend Money

In addition, DIV-Net sponsors a weekly carnival titled “Investing Carnival.” The Carnival’s focus is on Value Investing, Dividend Investing and Long-term Buy-and-Hold Investing, as well as categories for real estate, commodities and other alternative investments. We welcome your relevant articles. To participate please submit your article here no later than 5:00 PM ET each Sunday. The Carnival will post every Tuesday. If you are interested in hosting, please e-mail dividendgrowthinvestor [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

At The DIV-Net we are dedicated to providing the best independent and original dividend, value and buy-and-hold investing content available on the web. We strive to bring these views together in one community focused on the highest quality membership of authors available. It is our hope that publishing, reading, following and participating in The DIV-Net will pay long-term dividends for all involved.

Join us at The DIV-Net and see what all the excitement is about!

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