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Summer Wrap-Up 2008:

With summer over, school back in for another year and many vacationers returning to their work routines I thought I would provide a recap on the activity here at TMWTFS during the past few months:

Returning readers may notice the new look and address of the site, but over the summer months I also accepted an Associate Membership into The Dividend & Value Investing Network (The DIV-Net).

I introduced a section to TMWTFS for New Investors that included my Top 10 Must Reads, some Favourite Threads on investment discussion forums and my stock analysis process from start to finish in a four part series titled Taking Stock in IGM.

I shared my stock analyses of Credicorp in Taking Stock in BAP, Whirlpool in Taking Stock in WHR and discussed my pick for the Ultimate Value Trap.

I attempted to dismiss the frequent phrase by investors of stocks or sectors being Recession Proof and explained the closure of my Healthcare Portfolio and RSP re-organization in A Change in Health.

Finally I shared why personal Cashflow should be King, how I used one of my Value Rules based on the behaviour of management for an investment in PFBC and provided insight into the proportion of mutual fund revenues that some of the large banks receive from a wrap mutual funds in Wraps Revisited.

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