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Standard Auto Insurance

Disclosure: The below article is provided by TD Canada Trust. The information and content is the opinion of TD Canada Trust and not authored by the owner of this site.

Standard Auto Coverage

There are several types of auto coverage available to keep cars safe on the open road.
The coverage for direct compensation-property damage is available in Ontario and mandatory when driving a vehicle there. When a car accident occurs and the fault is placed on the other vehicle the car damage and personal belongings in your car are covered by this type of plan.
Accident benefits coverage is great to have if an injury or death occurs as part of a car accident. The coverage also provides lost income. Other benefits include payments for those not working who can not live a normal life, payment for home care expenses for a primary care giver who was injured and can not perform his/her duties and payments for medical, rehab or care giver expenses.
Other expenses may be covered in this type of coverage. In addition, those not killed in the car crash can be paid for funeral costs of those who died as a direct result of the accident. Accident coverage is not available in Quebec.
An optional form of auto coverage is called upset or collision coverage. This covers the damage that occurs in an auto accident. When an older car is insured, it may cost more than the car itself when collision coverage is added to the plan. A deductible is added to the plan and paid out by the coverage holder or towards the cost to repair a car. It can also be deducted from a settlement from a car insurance claim after a car wreck.
Comprehensive coverage is an added benefit to collision coverage. It is paid out the same way as that type of coverage. The purpose of comprehensive coverage is to protect a car from damage that is not included under a collision coverage plan. Examples would be flying objects or acts of vandalism.
When renting a car there is auto coverage available too. This is called damage to a non-owned automobile. It applies comprehensive and collision coverage to a rental car on a short-term basis. A rental car company can charge an arm and leg for this with daily rates that equal yearly premium costs. Coverage for this may be found elsewhere so check before you pay for it twice.
Stuck on the side of the road with a car that will not or cannot run can ruin a day. With emergency road service, coverage services can be paid that includes towing. Again, this type of coverage can be a part of other plans so check before you pay for it again.
Having car insurance coverage that includes the entire family is priceless. Family protection coverage means that all family members are covered in a car accident where the other driver is uninsured and at fault. Some provinces require the minimal coverage so this type of plan comes in handy when an accident occurs. You will be covered by the amount available on your coverage regardless of what the other driver has.
Loss of use coverage covers a driver who is involved in an accident where the car is damaged beyond driving capability. With this type of coverage, a rental car or payment for a taxi or train will be covered. You can still get around while the car is being repaired. The claim can include amounts of up to $750 or $50 daily.
Liability coverage is for you and it covers the injury or death of someone in a car accident. Their personal property is also covered by this plan. In Ontario, they have a “no fault” system when it comes to dealing with an auto accident. Both parties involved have to contact their own insurance companies when this occurs.
However, if the accident falls on you then you have to pay and if you are uninsured then you may be fined and be charged with driving without insurance. Payment has to be made to regain use of the license.
In Ontario and Alberta there is uninsured motorist coverage that protects you if an accident occurs with a driver that has no insurance. The Atlantic Provinces offer the same coverage, but with an added bonus. It is called uninsured automobile and unidentified driver if you are involved in a hit and run situation and the driver flees the scene.

Depreciation waiver coverage is an optional plan where you will receive the amount that the car was worth if you are ever in an accident. The full amount that you paid for the car will be paid. The insurance company may also pay for repairs if the car can be fixed properly.

Disclosure: The above article is provided by TD Canada Trust. The information and content is the opinion of TD Canada Trust and not authored by the owner of this site.
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