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New Current Holdings Section:

I took some positive feedback from a fellow investor bindexit from CB Forums on including a Current Holdings section to my blog. I chose to include both the Healthcare Fund & Dividend Growth Fund with my Top 10 & Top 5 positions – with Current Favourites including only names in the Value Portfolio.

Although some might be disappointed to learn that the Value Portfolio will not be included in this up-to-date component of the blog, rest assured I will continue to include some of my Top Value Picks in the Current Favourites section. Only a few short weeks ago I would have gladly entertained the idea of including these names in that list, but since I posted my YTD return on the portfolio in September, I’ve received both positive & negative attention to that post. I have not removed it, but I am certainly more cautious with the attention that stating returns can have in the blogsphere community.

I will state again that as per my disclaimer I am not here to benefit from anything other than sharing my thoughts, opinions, ideas, teachings and perspectives on a various range of investing topics. I do not professionally manage funds, nor would I ever be interested in doing so for strangers in the near future. I invest on behalf of select individuals who I consider family & close friends, but for the most part investing is a hobby I enjoy and I have no ambition of gaining any sort of compensation from my experience & knowledge. I will continue to provide insight, advice and a common sense approach to investing when asked.

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  • FourPillars October 9, 2007, 10:06 pm

    You had negative feedback on your great return? Was it not high enough?? 🙂

    Ridiculous – just ignore the negative nellies and post what you think is relevant. Anyone who doesn’t like it can bugger off.


  • Nurse B, 911 October 10, 2007, 8:16 am

    haha, thanks Mike

    It was a comment directed towards two individuals who contacted me about potentially benefiting financially from the information I’ve been writing about here. But no worries….as I’ve said I’m doing it for my own personal reasons & I like it that way 🙂

  • MG October 10, 2007, 10:27 pm


    Why do you consider Procter a ‘Health Holding’?

    A very small percentage of their revenues and earnings come from healthcare products.


  • Nurse B, 911 October 11, 2007, 1:18 pm

    Hey MG,

    I’ll be explaining the method in my madness in a reply to bindexit’s questions on my healthcare portfolio shortly. At first glance there are about 3-4 stocks in the portfolio that “don’t make sense”, but they fit a niche that I’m attempting to exploit…..more to come

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