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Look Who Got Lost In The Jungle…

Over the past few weeks I’ve received some directed traffic from my fellow Blog Peer Jungleguy as he’s included a link to my blog in two recent posts (Keynote Systems). This is an opportunity for me to share his blog with visitors if they haven’t already read this wonderful investing resource on dividend investing principles (See my Blog Roll for others).

Back in early November I had a guest post by an investing peer, Scomac, who I’d met some time ago over at the CB Forums since joining in early 2006. Myself, Jungleguy and Investor99 have all learnt a great deal from Scomac’s experience, patience, opinions, insights and stock selecting criteria over that time. He is also a frequent contributor on the FWF (thanks to Bylo, Norbert, Shakes & Yielder) where a more experienced group of investors share, discuss and contest various investing styles and academic material.

In 2007 I had the opportunity to finally catch up with Scomac and have since shared many insightful conversations while creating a mutual friendship that goes beyond just an investing dialogue. I currently count him in the same company as other mentors of mine who over the years have each had an equal impact on my progression as a young investor. At times there is no replacement for the practical experience that some individuals are willing to share with you at a young age that might have taken you years to learn on your own.

I’m truly fortunate to call this individual my friend and would strongly suggest readers take a moment to visit his interview over at the Financial Jungle. As well there is an interesting discussion with a fellow member of the CB crowd known as Bunyip that JG has had the opportunity to ask questions on his investing style and success.

Both Scomac and Bunyip go about their investing success modestly, but there are important lessons that each can teach that allow each reader to become a more well rounded investor

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  • FinancialJungle February 6, 2008, 12:30 am

    2 years! Wow, time flies.

    Scomac sure is prolific with his posts. He has the energy of a 20-year-old and wisdom of an 80-year-old. Based on some of the feedbacks, his enchantment extends beyond the 3 bloggers mentioned.

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