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A number of regular readers here at TMWTFS have shared both publicly and privately that they enjoy following the investing activities, insights and thoughts of various investing professionals within the industry. During my early years of investing I studied a number of investing professionals in detail, focusing on their successes and failures to learn important lessons that have helped me become a better investor now and in the future. One website that I frequently visited during this time to see what the best known investors were up to was GuruFocus.com.

While I hadn’t visited the site in quite some time, I recently received an invitation to republish some of my content on the GuruFocus website after their Director of Research approached me recently after visiting this site.
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According to GuruFocus the website, “tracks the Stock Picks and Portfolio Holdings of Warren Buffet, George Soros and other guru investors…

To the surprise of myself and peers the GuruFocus.com website now has a section dedicated to articles that aren’t necessarily specific to the guru genre. This feature adds appeal to a much wider audience than their original target market and something that I am eager to participate in.
Upon researching the site further I found eight features that I think readers might find worthwhile if you’ve been to GuruFocus before or are a first time visitor.

Features Include:

  • Online forum
  • Columns & News
  • List of Investment Gurus including their recent individual Stock Picks for value investors such as Warren Buffett, Mohnish Pabrai & Bill Miller
  • Scoreboard of Gurus 6 Month, 12 Month and Since Inception returns
  • Real Time Picks
  • Commentaries written by various Gurus
  • A variety of Stock Ideas that include free basic tools and premium tools for premium members
  • A list of established Investment Firms


Nurseb911/TMWTFS was not compensated in a monetary form for the generation or publication of this review

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