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Getting Married? Ten Money Tips

This past Monday in the Globe&Mail Larry MacDonald was kind enough to quote a past post I wrote in late 2007 titled, Shopping Stocks like a Woman.

The article, titled “Getting Married? Ten money tips“, is the third in a personal finance series that examines different stages in life related to money.
Part 1: Ten money tips for young people
Part 2: Ten money tips for people entering the work force

My contribution was #4 in the article, “Two heads are better than one.”

I continue to believe that including your partner or spouse in financial decisions is an important part of any healthy relationship.  One individual can be better at handling the finances, but having common ground on financial decisions and an equal share of making those decisions will go a long way to reducing financial related stress in your relationship.

The entire article written by Larry MacDonald can be viewed here.

4. Two heads are better than one. But marriage, of course, is not all sacrifice and strife. A team working together can accomplish more than the individual members separately. ‘The other huge success I’ve had is finding a partner who enjoys taking part in our financial decisions,’ declares Brad Ferris, the author of the blog: Triaging My Way to Financial Success.

He illustrates with an example. ‘As I mentioned in a post a while ago about investing in the stock of Reitmans Canada, my partner’s shopping experience and insights into their products … helped me see a different side of the fundamentals than what any analyst could pass on.'”

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