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Financial Tips as you Climb the Financial Ladder

Larry MacDonald in The Globe and Mail column Invest for Life writes an article titled Financial tips as you climb the financial ladderThe Dividend Guy, the moneygardener and myself were mentioned along with Tom Connolly under #7. Living off dividends.

The article discusses two great points on bonds (#8. Getting real with bonds & #9. Climbing bond ladders) that addresses a real concern for 30-40 year old investors attempting to decide how to incorporate bonds successfully into their portfolios at a reasonable or minimal cost.

Thanks again to Larry for including me in the article.

Likely no post today or this week with Christmas season upon us.  I have some time off work that I intend to spend with family over the next week or so, but I do intend to post my annual Top Posts for 2009 prior to the New Year.  At that time I will also reflect upon 2009, my portfolio returns and where my targeted focus will be for 2010.

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