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CFA vs. Nurse B 911: Specifics

Well Mark delivered his portfolio with cost breakdown last night & being ever so predictable, he’s chosen to construct his entire portfolio from the AGF family of funds at his disposal: “like taking candy from a baby.” Being true to his word, he picked a group of 6 well known AGF funds and had them organized in the proper proportions we had agreed upon prior. My strategy is to simply copy his portfolio, but construct my portfolio entirely of TD funds in order to take advantage of their e-fund line up (If I’m going to make a point – it might as well be a good one).

Some quick observations:
– Every one of his funds have loads
– Each fund has a corresponding lower fee fund from TD that follows the same benchmark (crash & burn baby)
– If I did my math right, Mark’s given me a $540.00 head start on the competition if you figure he only has $9460.00 remaining after initial fees
– I could have used the institutional series of the TD index funds for fairness, but if I’m making a point that costs matter, I want to maximize potential returns.

We’ll do the comparison tonight after Globefund posts the returns for the month of June as a snap shot. I have a weird feeling he’s about to get his a$$ whooped (smile).

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