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ADT – Receive $200 Cash Back!

As I mentioned in previous posts I purchased my first home in late June and have been busy moving, unpacking, fixing, updating and settling into the new digs during my days off. One condition of our move was my fiancées firm suggestion that I invest and have installed a security system in the home to protect ourselves, our possessions and home from theft, fire and flooding.

As a normally frugal (ok…I’m cheap) individual I wasn’t sold on installing a security system at first but I sat down and considered some of the pros and cons of the decision. Here is a quick list of some of the items I included in my table:


  • I could save 10% on my home insurance with my current insurance company
  • When I work nights my fiancée sleeps worry-free
  • When I leave my home (for work, vacations, day trips, etc) I have the peace of mind that my possessions and home are protected
  • A home security system is a serious deterrent for burglars since an alarm attracts attention and silence is a burglars best friend
  • Available integrated CO (carbon monoxide) and smoke detectors as well as flood sensors in the basement
  • Battery backup for 24 hours in the event of a power failure


  • Cost is roughly $37/month or $445/year (taxes included) for basic systems with most companies
  • No security system is foolproof or an absolute deterrent to theft
  • Good doors, windows and a well lit home can provide just as much deterrence
  • Fire, flooding and theft are rare occurrences in our current neighbourhood
  • Hassle of arming and disarming a security system when exiting and entering our home
  • Noise from an alarm arming and disarming on each exit and entry

For the most part the pros outweighed the cons when I took cost out of the equation. An $80 savings on my home insurance isn’t a substantial amount, but it helps and the alarm gives me a piece of mind when I’m away from the home whether the additional security is tangible or not. I took the time to research about a dozen alarm companies before I decided that ADT was the best fit for our needs. The company is considered by many to be very reliability in their monitoring, their system had the most user friendly equipment for our needs and the company provided some additional services that I was interested in. I also found in my research that ADT directly monitors our home themselves and does not use third party companies. The installation was about 5 hours for the size of the home we have and includes wireless features on all doors, windows and two keychain remotes. I was very impressed in how clean the system integrated into our home and the professionalism of all the staff I dealt with. I was even able to take advantage of a discount on the installation of the system that was better than the $99 special quoted on the ADT website (that I learnt only applies to a new hardwired system in your home). I’m sure many people have and enjoy hardwired systems, but wireless sensors made a lot more sense for me because I didn’t like the idea of wires running around every window and door. The $200 ADT mail-in cash discount on my a ADT system was hassle free and I actually received my discount upfront which was a great incentive instead of having to wait a few weeks for the delivery of a cheque in the mail. The code for the $200 ADT mail-in cash discount works anywhere in Canada or the US for home or business purposes and expires on September 30th, 2009. I did call the company and had them create a PDF file for the code that my readers can access 24/7 through Google Page Creator and I will be requesting they extend the discount beyond the current expiration date (I will update the PDF online prior to Sept 30th).

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  • Canadian Capitalist July 13, 2009, 10:23 am

    I'm pretty cheap too but #2 on the Pros list will settle the issue for me regardless of any other pro or con.

    Also, your feed on Google Reader is titled "(title unknown)". Not sure why that is but you may want to fix it.

  • Nurseb911 July 13, 2009, 9:37 pm

    #2 was certainly a serious consideration for me when considering an alarm and what company to go with. If she doesn't worry then I won't worry and even though we live in a really good neighbourhood I wasn't about to discount the importance of her safety

    Not sure what's up with the feed, but I've checked into it and it seems to be working ok on my reader (?)

  • ADT August 10, 2009, 3:41 am

    Nice post about ADT. i was looking for such post. thanks for posting.

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