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2009 TMWTFS Post Generator:

Here is an opportunity for readers to submit requests and potential ideas for future posts to be featured on TMWTFS in 2009. Whether you have ideas that are big or small this is your opportunity to have a voice on topics you may want better insight into.

Topics can include a specific analysis of a stock, mutual fund or ETF; specific questions about topics I’ve written before or something entirely new. If there is a past post you would like more clarification on or revisited submit your request.

While I can’t guarantee that every idea, suggestion or request will be written on in a future post I will certainly try my best to accommodate submissions.

This feature is important from my perspective because I am able to generate a number of ideas for future content that readers are very interested in reading and it helps you to answer investment questions that you may be having difficulty with.

The 2009 TMWTFS Post Generator will be located at the bottom of the site for readers to access for the remainder of December. Each submission will be sent to me privately and I will provide a list of submissions that I intend to write content on next year.


I am happy to announce that I have received a very good response so far for my Stock Analysis Mailing List. I have contacted individuals privately who have signed up for this exclusive feature to confirm their interest as of 12:00pm EST today.

27 RSS subscribers have signed on so far and I am in the process of writing my first post, Taking Stock in KO, for release in early January 2009.

Those on the mailing list will receive exclusive spreadsheet information and valuation range for the company that will not be published as extensively on TMWTFS. Interested readers can sign up or find more information via the link above I have provided.

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  • T. December 8, 2008, 9:01 pm

    another great post, keep up the good work! I find it fascinating diving into other investor’s history and mindset

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